Tiara inspired from the Russian fairy tales. (on the e-shop-rentals).

One peace of a kind inspired from my “Tuxedo” collection. The bride was living in Tahit, she asked me to put some grey and white mother pearl ornaments to honor the nature where they live…

Hair ornament that can also be worn as a cuff. Adorned with an antique piece in the center from the 20’s.

This headband can be split in two pieces nsuring you various possibilities to adapt it to your hairdo.

Special order from a princess of Arabian Emirates. Work o embroidery on old castle curtains, with swarovski cristal beads, hand-cut shell flowers and strasses from Prague.

Détails de broderies

Emma worked from an old tiara made with flower pistils to which she added her know-how and swarovski beads mother pearl beads.

Mama is the greatest! Emma’s mission was to go perfectly with the dress style, just addind to it an oriental fashion glimpse to match the event thema.

Let us put some colors to this winter season wedding….This headband can be worn various ways… up o you and your mood! Large headband of swarovski cristal elements and beads, glass flowers from the last century.

Embroidered headband sawn on a hand-made lace of métal embroidery so the cloth is sructured enough to be worn as a jewelry. Embroideries on shoulder straps.

Fitting at Max Chaoul show-room, Paris.

Cute headband adorned with hand-cut shell flowers, swarovski beads, and silver coated strassed ornament.

Special order for this bride, she loved the thema of roses for which the Couturier and I adorned the cuffs and the dress with beautiful métal roses.

Special order on a fairy-tale thema. Emma specialy achieved a little egg, as a cute little case for the two wedding rings.

This neck-lace inspired from the Tuxedo Collection is adaptable as a hair bun band…. Cristal cuffs and earings...

Headband and belt embroidered with flowers of cloth, métal , swarovski cristal and hand-cut shell.

Headband and earings made out of cristal from swaroski, mother-pearls, translucide glass beads, zirconium.

Necklace and bracelet adorned with white porcelain flowers and , swarovski opalescent colors beads and éléments, hand –made enamelled piece of metal.

Beautiful hair comb made with swarovski éléments and beads, central piece of Zirconium and cristal strass.