Ikone Paris

Emma Meston has been creating jewels since she was 14 years old. At he age of 30, she elaborated a technique that is still one of a kind and her artistic property. she calls it « Emmaillage ».

With a special Italian copper thread, she hand-makes an embroidery in wich she inserts cristal from Swarovski, mother of pearls, glass beads from Prague or from India, semi-precious stones, antique pieces etc…

Emma opens her show-room « La Villa Blanche » and launches her e-shop after 15 years of partnerships with famous names such as : Christian Lacroix, Torrente, Max Chaoul, Stéphanie Wolff, George Hobbeika,  and of presence  in the Hotels Le Ritz, le Bristol, Le Crillon and Four Seasons, the « boutique Maria Luisa » at the Printemps Paris in which she has exhibited several years  or appeared in défilés at various occasions.

Also Partner of le Festival de Cannes, the bals des Doges de Venise, The  Retro Basket of Nike at the  Galeries Lafayette, the international fairs and défilés in Hong-kong and Paris for Swarovski, the Oriental fashion-week,  etc… 

Emma concentrates her involvement in the Wedding activity with the e-shop and continues to work on mesurement with her customers as ever.

« I’ve always created with my heart ; passionately involved in creating sensible objects of my jewelleries, i wanted to tell about feminine Icones of yesterday and woman in their real life today, both dreaming of that day totally out of time that celebrates love and life. ».