Magazine l’éventail, Ikone Paris, how would you describe your creations?

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My creations are like me: generous! I never skimp on the noble materials so that the jewel is perfect and that the customer is honored with the confidence that she grants me by addressing me for the project of this unique day.

For me it is essential, it is among other things my definition of luxury. Exceed expectations, give your best to meet the dream of the future bride.

Which brides are addressing you, what are their desires?

The meeting is very important. You have to know how to listen, feel, understand. I favor a direct relationship with my customers about the tailor-made to best meet their desires. My jewelry attracts women who dare, who assert themselves, who go beyond conventions or clichés; These women wish, I believe, to be unique and to have a very "couture" look. I make sure that the dress and the jewels meet each other, that is to say, one-to-one, without bumping into each other.

Tell us about making these wonders

My technique comes from knitting, I called it "swaddling" since it's my own. I invented and deposited it. She is recognized as part of the crafts by the BOCI.

Where do you get your main sources of inspiration:

For all my jewelry, my inspiration comes from women. The ones that I meet, those who have gone through history and mark my memory Alma Mahler, Josephine de Beauharnais, Frida Khalo, Josephine Baker, Gabrielle Chanel, Helena Rubinstein, my two grandmothers, strong, sensitive women and artists. My travels influence me too.


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